Saturday, 17 June 2006 00:00

The 10th Acupuncture Research Symposium - Saturday 17th June 2006

Infertility & other topics     

The patient-practitioner relationship and the divide between 'common sense' and an evidence-based approach to fertility and pregnancy
Zita West

How a TCM practitioner created an inroad to Western Medicine's High Tech Reproductive Technologies! Developing an acupuncture consortium
abstract - presentation
Diane Cridennda

A reproductive endocrinologist and internist's perspective
Paul Magarelli

The research
Diane Cridennda

Acupuncture for infertility
abstract - presentation
Jin Xu

Acupuncture research and fertility: using the clinical studies database at
abstract - presentation
David Mayor

Nesting' Qualitative Research - A personal experience of being a practitioner researcher
Clare Hill

Neuroimaging the response to acupuncture at LI-4 (Hegu): Implications for research and clinical practice
abstract - presentation
Hugh MacPherson

Chinese Science and its Applicability to Clinical Trials
abstract - presentation
Richard Bertschinger

Debate. Acupuncture research and fertility: how does it affect practice and what input and involvement can we have into research?
Beth Ingham, Jani White, Charlotte Paterson

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