Monday, 14 March 2005 00:00

The 9th Acupuncture Research Symposium - Saturday 14th March 2005

Musculoskeletal conditions & pain

Strategies for acupuncture research (presentation)
Hugh MacPherson

Acupuncture versus standard therapy for low back pain, osteoarthrosis, migraine and tension type headache - first results of the largest patient and observer blinded RCTs (n>3000) according to GCP guidelines
Albrecht Molsberger & Gabriele Böwing

Not so simple pain - Chronic myofascial pain & the physiology of the needle. Research evidence and clinical application
Jennie Longbottom

Trigger points and traditional acupuncture - a personal, clinical & research perspective (presentation)
Adrian Lyster

Specific effects and expectation of acupuncture treatment. A trial using PET imaging - Abstract - Presentation
Peter White

The impact of empathy enablement and health outcome: a prospective study of acupuncture patients - Abstract - Presentation
Sarah Price

Clinic report on syndrome of prolapsed lumbar intervertebral disc by acupuncture treatment: Case studies and personal experiences - Abstract - Presentation
Yin Hong Chun

Learning from the Ancients without Getting Stuck in the Old: Working with the Scholarly Tradition of Chinese Medicine
Volker Scheid & Cinzia Scorzon

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