Saturday, 08 May 1999 00:00

The 4th Annual Acupuncture Research Symposium - Saturday 8 May 1999

Expanding horizons: doing research that counts    

A vision of the future: research that meets the needs of acupuncturists and their patients
David St. George

The contribution of qualitative research to health care
Ruth Endacott

'Like your bubble feels good' concepts of wellbeing
Charlotte Paterson

Designing credible research to test traditional forms of acupuncture practice
Stephen Birch

Perceptions of change: apatient-centred view of the effects of traditional acupuncture
Alison Gould

A retrospective observational study of a practice in mANCHESTER, 1989-1996
Edwina Webb

Acupuncture and back pain: developing a protocol for a randomised controlled trial
Hugh MacPherson

Acupuncture research in the USA: an overview
Kevin Ergil

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