Diverse Styles, Diverse Research    

Brain imaging and acupuncture. Abstract
Vitaly Napadow

Practitioner and patient perceptions of different styles of acupuncture.
Abstract - Presentation
John Hughes

Cupping for patients with inflammatory complaints: clinical and biochemical outcomes.
Abstract - Presentation
Ilkay Chirali and Roz Gibbs

Japanese meridian therapy; research on diagnosis, prognosis and outcomes.
Abstract - Presentation
Marian Fixler

Using practitioner group consensus to develop treatment protocols for clinical trials on endometriosis: TCM herbs and acupuncture. Abstract - Presentation
Andrew Flower

A large pragmatic trial of 5 Element acupuncture for NHS patients with functional disorders. Abstract
Gerad Kite

Trying to safeguard valid and traditionally based practice in a medical context: a RCT of acupuncture for cancer-related fatigue. Presentation
Paola Sylt

Integrating 5 Elements and TCM, and root and branch, in a research setting.
Abstract - Presentation
Beverley de Valois

An investigation into the effects of traditional acupuncture on perceived stress and sleep/wake patterns of patients experiencing chronic pain. Abstract
George Markos

London women's mid-life health experiences as Chinese medicine patterns. Abstract
Trina Ward

Dominique Joire: Acupuncture research within the NHS

Helen Barnett and Sarah Budd: Critical evaluation of RCT's in the research literature

Nicky Robinson: Funding for acupuncture research

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