Emerging priorities for the profession     

Current issues in complementqary medical research
David St George

The roles of the practitioner researcher: inner and outer
Mike Fitter

Research(ing) tradition(s): comparing traditional Chinese and biomedical approaces
volker Scheid

Acupuncture research: an American perspective
Patricia Culliton

A cost effectiveness study of acupuncture on the NHS
Stacey Ash

The acupunctrue profession: who are we?
Jennifer Dale

Evaluating acupuncture in a rheumatology outpatients department
Gerry Harris, Diana Cook and Rebecca Rees

A multi-centre audit of variations in outcomes
Hugh MacPherson and Peter Luty

Variable record keeping: the implications for practice and research
Geoff Wadlow

Being Prepared: Research in education and practice

Acupuncture in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
Stefanie Joos

Acupuncture for the treatment of IBS. Study set-up: the trials and tribulations
Suzanne Reid & Emma Banks

Acupuncture for IBS: reflections and experience of taking part in a novel hospital-based RCT
Sue Jackson & Clare Walter

Research is always a compromise. How a trial of acupuncture for hot flushes and night sweats changed shape
Beverley de Valois

Acupuncture treatment of knee osteoarthritis: a clinical research development at the Dept. of Rheumatology - Birmingham University
Emad Tukmachi

Can traditional acupuncture unravel the mystery behind post-traumatic stress disorder?
Josephine Clegg

HIV/AIDS and its treatment by acupuncture: possibilities and limitations
Lars Lippe

GP's attitudes towards the provision of acupuncture on the NHS: a local study
Louise Lipman

College-based research: a co-operative strategy for developing our capacity and having impact in the wider community
Mike Fitter

Researching our clinical teaching using reflective practice
Sandra Shaw

Research training for acupuncture students: the pros and cons of the undergraduate research project
Felicity Moir & Peter Mole

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