Good Practice Best Practice: the research influence    

Acupuncture for pregnancy and labour - developing your own style of practice
Zita West

Don't throw the baby out with the research paper
Sarah Budd

Out of your mind: bringing together traditional acupuncture and modern psychiatry in a NHS hospital
Chris Nortley

Sweating it out: the clallenges of developing and applying an acupuncture research protocol for treating the side effects of Tamoxifen in women with breast cancer Abstract - Presentation
Beverley de Valois

Patients' perspectives on their acupuncture treatment: a holistic model
Charlotte Paterson

First steps to auditing our practice - a group project in Swindon
Janice Booth & Hazel Andrews

Theory into practice: piloting a national audit & outcomes study in the Thames Valley
Carol Horner

Two birds with one stone? Researching your practice and making it count for CPD
Gerry Harris

The combined treatment of manual acupuncture, electro-acupuncture and low-level laser therapy in the management of Herpes Zoster complicated by right side facial palsy: a case report
Emad Tukmachi

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