Action in Research, Reflection and Change: ARRC 10 years on    

Auricular acupuncture and the group effect
Rachel Peckham

Use of acupuncture in the treatment of addiction
Michael Smith

The role of acupuncture in stopping smoking
Tong Zhang Yan

Treatment outcomes with ear acupuncture in a charity serving disadvantaged client groups
Soreh Levy

Branching out: a trial of the NADA ear acupuncture protocol for women with side effects of Tamoxifen
Beverley de Valois

Gateway Clinic as a research centre for the BAcC in the NHS
Dominique Joire

How do we evaluate the effectiveness of acupuncture within a TCM approach? Abstract - Presentation
George Lewith

a) Evidence based case series. b) How to research 'Deqi': a methodological exploration
Jongbae Park

The cost-effectivenesss of acupuncture for low back pain: results from a pragmatic randomised controlled trial
Hugh MacPherson

How do our patients feel? 628 patients use MYMOP questionnaire
South West Acupuncture Research Group

Developing acupuncture services for mental health patients
Chris Nortley

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