Other acupuncture and CAM research websites

Society for Acupuncture Research (SAR) www.acupunctureresearch.org : some useful bits and pieces though much of it is restricted to members only (such as their evidence summaries for a few conditions)

Foundation for Research into Traditional Chinese Medicine www.frtcm.org.uk : a charity that promotes research into TCM, and has been the foremost organization for clinical acupuncture research in the UK. The website provides some information about these studies.

Good Practice in TCM Research Association (GP-TCM) www.gp-tcm.org: promotes research following on from a 3-year EC funded project with European-Chinese collaboration on establishing best practice in TCM

Research Council for Complementary Medicine (RCCM) www.rccm.org.uk: a comprehensive site with much useful information. Membership is not expensive and gives access to more resources

CAMbrella www.cambrella.eu: a European CAM research network. It has reported on CAM use, perspectives of patients and providers, and legal and regulation issues in a series of documents available on the site